Money's too tight to mention: My opshop finds

I used to be an op shop addict, trawling them constantly for great "bargains." Except some of the bargains never got used or worn and so thus, they weren't bargains after all.  Thus, I decided to approach op shopping as I approach most of my shopping these days and go with a list or at least some clearly defined ideas of what I was shopping for.

Recently, I have been on the lookout for a beach cover up and some tops to wear with leggings and jeans - dark skinny jeans being basically my everyday uniform.

I found this great beach cover up, still with tags for $5 at Vinnies.  I love the colour (it is more turquoise in real life) and the silver beading detail on it.  It's perfect for slipping on over my swimmers.

These two tops also have nice detailing.  The first one is silk and cotton and looks really great with my black leggings (I have yet to try it with jeans).  The second one is a cotton/polyester - not my fave combo, but getting so hard to avoid recently - and I LOVE the shoulders.  They cost $10 and $8 respectively at Vinnies.

The next one was a major coup as I have been searching for a tan leather bomber jacket with ribbed cuffs, neck and sleeves FOREVER i.e. about ten years.  It came from the Smith Family store and cost $20.  I love how it is a little beaten up already - I love my leather to be a little worn.

The last is a little bit left of centre, but I think it's going to work.  As I always wear jeans, I needed something to dress them up for night time.  Et voila - this amazing and detailed and SPARKLY evening cape popped out at me for $20 at Goodwill.  

It has no labels or anything, so I am not sure what era it is, but isn't it FAB?  Little Miss O has been eyeing it off - I think she wants it as an addition to her dress up box.

Et voila - my wardrobe has been injected with a little life for not much.  Perfect.


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