My Sydney: My fave opshop in Sydney

This is me leaking my favourite not-very-secret place for fantastic treasures.  Maybe I will regret it.  Maybe I will see you there next time, getting emotional over hand embroidered tray cloths.  It's all good.

Seriously - what with actual op shops/ charity shops being increasingly over priced and full of unloveable tatt, this is possibly the last bastion of great bargains.  St John's Anglican Church on the corner of Avon Road and Oaks Avenue in Dee Why, people.  Every first Saturday of the month bar January, I think, the church hall hosts an op shop.  Everything is divided neatly into sections - fabrics, manchester, kids' clothes, women's clothes, men's clothes, bric-a-brac, jewellery, china, glassware, cookware, books, kids' toys and plants.  Phew.  All the stalls are manned by very sweet seniors.

Now that I have realised that I don't need another pretty piece of china ever again in my whole life, I stick to the books, fabric and clothes, mostly.  Books are generally $2 and kids' books are around 50c.   Today, we picked up a Snugglepot and Cuddlepie book for Little Miss O for 50c, some novels for me,  a really cool Japanese fabric bag for $1  - the label is Only Midge -  and a pile of vintage tea towels, tray cloths, tulle and a fantastic vintage Portuguese scarf (some of which are pictured below) for $7.

It was pretty hectic this morning - I couldn't even get near the china and jewellery.  Probably a good thing.  I think more people are getting wise to its fabulousness.  However - a caveat for all buyers - as with everything, you need to hunt through a lot of stuff for your bargains.  But, isn't that half the fun?

And la pièce de résistance?   Coffee (albeit instant) or tea and raisin toast for $3.  Thanks nannas!

What's your fave secret spot?


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