Making it from scratch: Ricotta

Ricotta - they just don't sell it in my local supermarket, and the cottage cheese is kind of dry and kind of pricey.  Thus, when my lovely aunt mentioned the other day how easy it was to make, I thought...YES!  Actually - it probably ended up being the same price as the cottage cheese in the shop, but at least I know exactly what was in it  - low-pasteurised milk, salt and vinegar.

I followed the instructions on this website and kept it pretty creamy to spread on lasagne sheets for tonight's dinner.  Little Miss O and I were tempted to scoff the whole lot the minute we tasted it though.  Mmmmm...warm, creamy, subtle...  The recipe didn't make quite enough for a good thick covering for the lasagne, so I probably would double it...which of course makes it even more expensive as I bought the fancy milk.  Now if I could only find organic milk....


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