Sewing for kids: Two quick fixes for growing girls

Little Miss O is growing like a weeeeeed - she grew two centimetres in three weeks! Therefore, I had to do a couple of quick fixes on her dresses.  Here are two ideas on how to get more wear out of your daughter's dresses:

If you have any leftover fabric, unpick the original hem and add the extra fabric to the bottom to increase the length.  A bit of ric rac will cover the join. Probably it would be a good idea to match the pattern a bit better than I did!

For a more bold adjustment,  add length with a different piece of fabric.  I chose one that toned in with the pattern on the original dress.  For this one, I didn't feel the need to use ric rac to cover the join as the new fabric is a statement in itself.

Now, little Miss O can get a lot more action from those frocks, and I don't need to make or buy her any new ones.  Yes!


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