Swing for kids: One dollar play dresses

Little Miss O likes to garden, water, paint, draw, cook, run in the grass etc...and I want her to be as free to move and get dirty/painted/covered in cake mix or whatever it may be as possible.  However, at present, Little Miss O is an adamant dress wearer, so I some play dresses

I bought these t-shirts for 50c each at the Lifeline Warehouse ages ago.

I also had some wild stretch fabrics that I got at my fave opshop for about 50c a piece.  For the length to cut, I measured the hemline of each t-shirt laid flat and multiplied it by three.

For the width, I measured one of her current dresses. Width of skirt = (length of current dress minus length of t-shirt) plus 5cm. 


PLUS 5cm

I then hemmed the bottom of the skirt, then gathered it and pinned it to the hem of the t-shirt and sewed.  As stretch fabrics don't fray, you could actually get away with not hemming, but I am allergic to raw edges...mostly.  And, as you can see from above, Little Miss O is as happy as a bird in them.  And I am happy to see her happy..and to have paid around a dollar for each of them.


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