Eco in Japan: Health food stores - Grano

Finding whole foods and organic products can be a bit tricky in Japan, but I have stumbled across a few places that cheer my little eco wannabe heart.  One of them is in Aeon Laketown in Koshigaya.  Beware - Laketown is like my idea of hell - endless rows of shops selling endless amounts of crap and a confusing layout that I always get wrong.  Whenever we go there, mostly to help my parents-in-law find stuff for their house, I am always exhausted and Little Miss O is always bought some more Sylvanian Families stuff which is now taking over our house.  Agggh.  She loves it to death, but man....

So - Grano is a little oasis in the corner of the Mori building outside, which in itself is a respite from the bright lights and noise of the mall proper.  It sells all sorts of fun stuff from organic veg to re-useable sanitary napkins and everything in between.  Today, I spotted some spiced hot chocolate that I was longing for, but I have a large collection of herbal teas that I have to get through before I can buy any more beverages.  It's not cheap - an avocado there was 210 yen but regular ones were 98 yen at the supermarket the other day, for example, but I think if you keep it simple and buy only exactly what you need (no impulse buys like...eherm..spicy hot chocolate), then it's feasible.

My favourite product is the replaceable heads for my eco toothbrush, saving me from chucking the whole brush away every time.


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