Ten - November!

Wah.  It has been tres hectic of late at else seven HQ.  Little Miss O's big girl's furniture being delivered, sorting out and downsizing her stuff, lots and lots of sewing, kindergarten interview (yes....interview!), selling old toddler/baby clothes, freecycling, selling shoes....more and more stuff that we don't need getting out of our home. YAY!  I gave away, yes, GAVE AWAY, a set of vintage Samsonite suitcases that I bought in NYC aeons ago, and it felt so bloody great.  It really, really did.

Anyway - my first month of TEN finished with the No Booze ten days.  Actually, I surprised myself and only gave in once - to a beer when out for dinner with the fam last weekend.  I am still trying to avoid sugar, although Mr O keeps buying ice creams but I am afraid I haven't done any cardio since the second ten session.  Not cool.  I really have been super super busy, but that is still no excuse.

Now I am on the first TEN of November which is flossing.  I got some organic silk floss from www.iherb.com, and I have been trying to remember to use it.  I think I have flossed twice so far, which is a lot less than the number of times I have cleaned my teeth, but a lot more than I usually do, so....ganbarimasu!

And for the rest or the month's TEN sessions, I have decided on dedicating an hour a day at least to time with Little Miss O with no interruptions and then no cheese.

I will prevail.


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