Samsara project: Vintage hankies to lavender bags which things pass through states of existence...

The other night the lovely Mr O, who is partial to a chemical or two, sat down next to me and gave me an instant headache from the napthalene fumes that were emanating from his clothing.  I am not kidding!

Right, I said. That stuff has got to go.  I ordered me some lavender from ebay, grabbed some vintage hankies that my dear and recently departed great aunt had given me, and stitched up some lavender bags.

A quick and dirty project if ever I saw one.  Grab a clean and ironed hanky, fold it in half, iron it, fold it in half again and iron it.  Pin a ribbon in to make the loop.  Stitch up two of the three open sides.  Fill with lavender.  Stitch the remaining side closed.  Et voila.  Chuck out that totally toxic napthalene and scent your home and ward off bugs with lavender.


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