Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

November 3rd - Day 41

Skinny blue cords, striped tshirt, chunky cardigan, slouchy boots, studded belt, Moroccan bag and soft and fluffy green leopard beret. OH - I forgot - leopard scarf.  Not having a good collage making sesh this evening, I am afraid.

And in the evening...

"Evening" jeans - ooops - forgot to add studded belt to the pic, long sleeved Metallicus black top, slouchy lace top, big green earrings, black Shanghai Tang handbag and burgundy boots

November 4th - Day 42

Same as the 3rd, but with clean undies, of course.

November 5th - Day 43

Fave jeans, flannie (beginning to be another autumn uniform), cropped peacoat, black pointed boots and brown snakeskin bag.  Agggh - forgot the studded belt again.  Sorry - tiiiiiiired.

November 6th - Day 44

Fave jeans with studded belt, white singlet, blue batwing jumper, mustard scarf, mustard beanie, big E bracelet, slouchy boots and Moroccan bag.


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