Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

Ocotber 30th - Day 37

Faffing around at home waiting for furniture delivery.  Denim dress with black leggings and long sleeved tshirt underneath.

October 31st - Day 38

Another day of throwing on whatever came to hand. Thank goodness for the autumn uniform.  Other other jeans that are on the OUT, green cardi that was my mum's, stripey tshirt, spotted Converse and Moroccan bag.

November 1st - Day 39

A day of pretending to be a grown-up.  Patterned cord skirt, roll collar short sleeved jumpers, black leggings, black leather jacket, black leather bag and funky tan boots. 

November 2nd - Day 40

Rain and sewing.  Denim dress with black leggings and grey long sleeved tshirt underneath.


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