TEN - one down!

Woohoo!  I got through ten days without lollies, chocolate, ice cream, cake, biscuits, donuts etc. etc.  Hoorah.  And I even got through pre menstrual turmoil without resorting to a block of extra dark chockie.  Nice one.  Pretty pleased with that.

I did, however, neck a hell of a lot of wine, which, of course, is high in sugar, so the no booze segment this month will be a welcome change for my liver.

I got very nasty in the first few days...very nasty indeed, which freaked me out a little as I felt like I was having some kind of withdrawal symptoms from sugar.  However, I got over it and now I feel like I have really taken a big step towards reducing my sugar intake in the future.  SO much so, that I am NOT going to launch into the big pain au chocolats that my MIL gave us, but am going to save my sugar consumption for special occasions.

And now the next ten - 1/2 hour or so of cardio every day for ten daays.  Got to be honest, not looking forward to it.  I don't like cardio at ALL and the idea of adding another thing into my already busy schedule is making me a bit anxious.  But I WILL do it.  I have already got a whole lot of sessions hooked up on youtube, so I may even give them a bit of a review as I go along.  Maybe.

Ganbatte me.


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