Ten - another lot down.

Well, actually - not quite.  After a strenuous mother-child swimming sesh on Day 8 - if running and walking through water resistance whilst hauling a 14kg child in and out of the pool is not cardio, I don't know what is, the whole Okuda family was sick on the weekend, so I really was not up for busting my buns.  Or anything else much either.

Still - I aim to persevere.  Back on it tomorrow as I actually feel like I can actually breathe today.

AND - today is Day One of the no booze period.  I think this is going to be a tricky one, so I am going to try and pick up some delicious loose leaf herbal tea to treat myself with at the end of the day, when I usually sit down after all is done and have a wine.  And a whine.

I have already started to think about next month's challenges and I am thinking;

1) Flossing
2) No cheese
3) Little Miss O time - an hour or so a day dedicated exclusively to Little Miss O with no distractions at all.

I am doing OK on the sugar thing.  I haven't bought a single donut or cake or anything, but some pain au chocolat and some chocolate ice cream have come into the house via other kind people - oh and ONE KILO of divine looking chocolate from Hotel Chocolat from my friend...oh man.  But, I have been trying pretty hard.  I shall have to ask Mr O and my lovely MIL not to buy me any sweets.  I am powerless to resist.

So far, so good.  Not exactly habits yet, but definitely some improvements in these areas.


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