More else seven!

I just finished another order of else seven beauties which I thought I would share with you.

Clockwise from top left - kids' apron, Lord of the Flies headdress, and another, long pants, cowboys and Indian motif skirt, summer shorts (with cowboys on them!), baby dress and another apron.

These are now heading towards the UK.  

Currently, my business model, if you can really call it that, is extremely simple and perhaps even a little bit odd.  Previously, I amassed a whole lot of stock and had a website built and business cards printed and just went a bit over the top, basically doing the whole thing backwards, really, and spending a lot of money.  This time I am;

1) Just starting off with orders from friends with the hope that the word will spread.
2) Making items as they are ordered rather than having lots of stock sitting around taking up space and risking being stuck with it interminably.
3) Invoicing the customer for the materials (actual at time of purchase or an estimate of actual cost or replacement cost if it's something from my stash) and then letting them decide what to pay for the workmanship.  Items are not sent until the invoice has been paid.
4) Offering a slower postage service - SAL, which is more appealing to the customer because it is cheaper and hopefully more eco-friendly.
5) Making my own tags from recycled materials.
6) Donating 5% of the profit after materials and postage have been paid for to Plan Because I am a Girl.

For me, this is a much more simple and cost-effective way and very easy to start up again.  It's slow business rather than mass production.  If there's anything you see on these pages that you fancy, please feel free to contact me at  All my items are one of a kind, so I cannot replicate them exactly, but can make similar items.


  1. I love your business model. Much saner than making lots of stock & ordering lots of supplies!

    Your items are all gorgeous - I still remember back to seeing your market stall in Sydney and being wowed by your fabric choices and workmanship.....

  2. Thank you, Marina! Yes - I actually learnt a lesson for once. Hoorah.


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