Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

October 5th - Day 13

Rainy and cold today and with my head down and my foot to the pedal sewing and sewing and sewing.  Comfy blue denim dress.

October 6th - Day 14

More rain.  More cold.  More sewing.  Same dress.

October 7th - Day 15

Back out there.  Fave jeans, white linen t-shirt with grey singlet underneath, studded belt, leopard print scarf, sunnies, Eiffel Tower bracelet and silver hoop earrings and zebra striped flats.  Oh - and Moroccan bag.

October 8th - Day 16

Hm.  Still not as cool as I would like it to be, but a chance to get a last few wears out of the really summery clothes.  Green silk top with white singlet underneath, fave jeans, studded belt, Moroccan bag, slouchy sandals and sunnies.


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