Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

October 26th - Day 33

Hanging at home in leggings, long sleeved tshirt and...skivvy.  Oh yeah.

October 27th - Day 34

Embracing my inner westie with skinny jeans, studded belt, flannie, slouchy boots, mustard coloured beanie and scarf and Moroccan bag.

October 28th - Day 35

Off to the big smoke again.  Skinny jeans, studded belt, long sleeved Metallicus top, leopard skin cardi, mustard scarf with birdies, beret with grommet detail, silver bracelet and ring, yellow satchel and fantastic boots with leafy etching type design.

October 29th - Day 36

Trying to clear out and declutter Little Miss O's room today before her big girl's furniture arrives tomorrow, so I just grabbed whatever was lying around when I took her to jidoukan. Other other jeans (really not feeling these jeans....), studded belt, flannie with grey singlet underneath, turquoise cord jacket and slouchy boots.  Not my greatest fashion moment.


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