Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

This mini packing party which should be really entitled the MAJOR mini packing party is still going along really well.  My wardrobe is still looking lovely and cleared out, and I am still reasonably dressed every day.  I have a whole pile of clothes that are going unworn that may be relegated to my Sydney wardrobe or sold off to help fund things like Little Miss O's birthday party.  Speaking of whom, I might even do a mini packing party for her clothes too.  Goodness knows she has waaaaaaaaay too many.

October 22nd - Day 29

Off to the big smoke.  Fave jeans with studded belt.  White shirt with pin striped waistcoat featuring sailing boat brooch with was my grandmother's which I lost on that very day.  Bum.  Navy beret, leopard print scarf, silver Eiffel Tower bracelet, Moroccan bag and my oh-so-awesome slouchy suede boots.  I LOVE a boot with a slouch.  I love the word "slouch." Slooooouuuuuch.

October 23rd - Day 30

And the basic uniform - other other jeans, studded belt, navy spot Converse, striped t-shirt, Moroccan bag.  It's not too bad as far as a uniform goes.  It won't get me in the Sartorialist, but I don't really mind.

October 24th - Day 31

Same as yesterday.

October 25th - Day 32

Er..and the same again (dirty beeeeyatch) with some added extras to combat the weather - raincoat and to cope with activities - swimming bag and swimsuit.


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