Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

October 17th - Day 25

Other OTHER jeans - hm - maybe too many jeans in my wardrobe, handmade sweatshirt with singlet underneath, studded belt, spotty Converse, sunnies and Moroccan bag.

October 18th - Day 26

Same as yesterday but with a blue tassel scarf added to combat the chill in the air.

October 19th - Day 27

Other OTHER jeans with studded belt, cream blouse with singlet underneath, navy wool waistcoat, navy beret and tassel scarf, Moroccan bag, red heart bracelet and spotted Converse.

October 20th - Day 28

Another day at home - chilly and rainy - denim dress, long-sleeved grey tshirt and daggy slouchy grey leggings.


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