Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

October 9th - Day 17

Dunno if I am "feeling" leggings so much these days.  Hm.  Maybe it is just this combo.  However, this tunic is waaaaaaay too short to be worn as a dress.  Black leggings, red tunic, slouchy sandals, Moroccan bag, sunnies, E bracelet and longevity brooch.

October 10th - Day 18

Fave jeans, green silk top - loving this top - white singlet, swimmers, slouchy sandals, studded belt and sunnies.  There should be a pic of my swimming bag (featured in other collages), but I forgot to take it today.  

October 11th - Day 19

Swimming again!  Cozzie, fave jeans, broderie top with grey singlet underneath, studded belt, sunnies, sandals and swimming bag.

October 12th - Day 20

Simple comfort for a day out.  Jeans, white tunic top with black singlet underneath, studded belt, slouchy sandals (getting slouchier daily!), Mexican bracelet, longevity it longevity?  I always get confused, and I am too lazy right now to get up and check..sorry...sunnies, Moroccan bag.


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