Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

October 1st - Day 9

A rainy day in Tokyo town and a trip to Giiiiiinzaaaaa (where we saw a bride having her photo taken outside a Chanel store.  Sad, but true.)  Silk shirt, fave jeans with a studded belt, tartan Converse, teeny tiny pear earrings, Eiffel Tower bracelet that I received for my 40th from a dear friend and my yellow satchel.

October 2nd - Day 10

And more rain.  Fave jeans, studded belt (see what I mean about wearing it allll the time?), navy spotted Converse, stripey Breton-esque t-shirt, raincoat and turquoise bag that I finally got mended after it got torn badly while I pushed through the mosh pit at Iggy Pop so I could get on stage to dance.  Rock.

October 3rd - Day 11

A very basic combo today.  Jeans, studded belts, Iggy Pop tshirt (woohooo), sunnies, Moroccan bag and slouchy sandals.

October 4th - Day 12

First boots of the season!  I do so love a boot.  Or two, to be exact.  Slouchy suede boots, fave jeans, studded belt, stripey tshirt, beret with grommet detail and Moroccan bag.


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