Lord of the Flies (or Lady)

I am all inspired for building up Little Miss O's dress-up box for her birthday, so I am hard at work making things to put in it.  I came over all Lord of the Flies (a book we studied in Year 8 or 9 at school and which disturbed us forever...) and decided to make a head dress to add to the melee.

I wasn't satisfied with the feathers available - commercial ones are very cheap and very dubious and cruelty-free ones were just too pricey for me, so I made them out of felt...and I think they came out rather well.  The sushi rolling mat, which was left over from my kitchen utensil packing party, suddenly came into its own providing support for the feathers so they could stand up.  This was all made from stuff I already had, so I am pretty pleased with that too.  Who knows?  I might even write a tutorial.


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