else seven returns!

Many moons ago, I used to sell stuff that I designed for cash-money, but then...I stopped doing it.  Recently, I started my little teeny business up again - selling to friends at the moment, but hopefully the word will spread.  I am always loathe to charge my friends for stuff, so I am quoting for the materials and postage and then leaving it to them to decide what to pay on top of that for workmanship.  Plus, I am donating 5% of the net profit to Plan Because I am a Girl - in AUD50 increments, so hopefully, it won't take me long to reach that goal and make my first donation.

This is my first order completed:

Girl's skirt

Baby bib and hat sets

Superhero cape and mask.

I have another lot ready to go out tomorrow - just got to finish off a couple of details.  Hoooray!  Back on it.


  1. Oh good! Glad to see you're creating for your business again, are you selling on an etsy store or your own online store?

    1. Hey lovely. Thanks so much. I am finally coming out of the fog of early motherhood! Just going small at the moment - taking orders and making them to order rather than keeping masses of stock...so selling by word of mouth right now. Happy days! xx


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