Twee organising idea

This is twee.  I admit it, and I am still putting it on this blog to show you, dear reader, that I am not above a bit of..whimsy.  Ewww.

We each now have baskets near the front door with all the stuff that we need to remember - Little Miss O's meds, train passes, glasses, sunblock, Keep Cups, hankies and so on.  Each day, I empty my bag into my basket (and Little Miss O's ) and when I go out again, I select what I will need for that day and put it in my bag.  WHY?  Nothing gets forgotten (almost) and I am not schlepping around a whole lot of extra stuff as well.  When you find yourself carrying almost 14kg of toddler, you know that you don't want a single iota of excess baggage.  Also, all the bits and pieces are kept in the one spot and are less likely to get misplaced.  I tell you - putting my keys in a little dish in the same spot every time I get in has saved me SO much lost time and panic in faffing around trying to remember where I put them last time.  It's good.  Really good.

The photos just made it a bit more interesting, if somewhat....twee, and a convenient way to get some fam pics out there.  Baskets and frames from Daiso.  I may be twee, but I am also fruuuuugal.

How do you organise your daily use stuff?

(Please note - I did NOT choose that wallpaper.)


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