Summer clothes mini packing party review

Well, I can say that I found the summer mini packing party to be a resounding success.  I ended up with a pile of clothes that didn't get a look-in and discovered that I really don't like short sleeved t-shirts so much.  These clothes are going to get a reprieve and go to Sydney for the summer and see if they are going to be worn then.  If not - off to the Vinnie's.

And....I cleared out my wardrobe, so I can actually see my summer clothes these days.  And although that's not extreme minimalism, that's a pretty slimmed down summer wardrobe for a girl whose clothes used to take up two whole walls of built-ins a few years ago.

I had something nice to wear every day and didn't go out feeling uncomfortable or badly dressed or as if I was wearing the wrong clothes for me.  Nor did I feel the need to buy anything new.  And now

it's time for the autumn packing party.  See if I can't rip through my cooler season clothes as well, so stay tuned for the autumn outfit collages.  


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