Small victories

Many of you probably feel as I do - that decluttering x number of years of possessions seems to take FOREVER.  Still - I have decided to start focussing on small victories, so as to maintain the momentum.  Each day, I am going to try and sort out one tiny area in my house - clear out the junk and tidy up the remaining items.

Today, it was the turn of the area around the bathroom sink.  Our bathroom is ugly, but we don't have the funds to do anything about it, so....there we go.  Here's the before - a mess of different dishes, too many things on one plate, random bits and pieces, too small cups etc.....

And here is the after - a lovely wooden tray (Muji), cute little vintage glasses for each person's toothbrush and toothpaste and a few essentials - mouthwash, Mr O's gargle juice, coconut oil in a pretty bottle and a place for our wedding rings.  Sigh of contentment.

What small area are you going to attack today?


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