Samsara project: Old t-shirts to kitchen scrubbies which things pass through states of existence...

Ugh - old t-shirts are gross. And why do they smell so bad after you keep them in a box for a while - even though they were clean when they went in?  AND - why do some of them give off a weird oily film?

However, I refuse to chuck them, and thus, am compelled to find new lives for these sad, limp, greying items of clothing.  No-one wants them to wear anymore, that's for sure.

Next to my favourite seat in the house, there is a box of old stretch fabrics - t-shirts, leggings, trackies etc. which I am going to slowly work through and turn into new and useful items.  My first project so far has been some kitchen scrubbies, which were pretty simple to make.

1) I cut across the t-shirt in continuous strips to make yarn, tying the ends together when necessary.
2) I cast on 12 or 13 stitches - as the mood took me.
3) I knitted in "knit" for 15 or so rows.
4) I used the end of the knitting to tie in a loop to hang up to dry.
5) I made five scrubbies from one women's Australian size M tee.

These will be easy to wash on a regular basis, so they won't get all stinky and gross.  Hope the lovely Mr O - Chief Dishwasher - likes them.

What do you do with old t-shirts?


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