Pattern review - vintage Style 4430

Years ago, I had some PJs made from this pattern by a tailor in China.  Ha - but when they came back with a zip in the pants, I realised that actually, they hadn't used the pattern at all, just copied the pic on the front.  Hm.

Many years later, I decided to make a couple of nighties using some fabric that I had bought for my wedding - it was going to be a dress for my maid of honour/attendant but she didn't dig it, which was fine as it was a total bargain anyway.   I decided to give this pattern a whirl again - cutting it out at a mid point between the baby doll and the long nightie, so it is just above the knee.

It was quite easy to cut out - not too many main pieces, but the yoke...oh the yoke... I really do not like those little bits.  The instructions were quite simple, but there was a lot of "follow as per pyjama top," which was a bit confusing and it wasn't very clear - I don't think a beginner would dig it.

Ugh.  What a pain in the bum - fiddling around with yokes, facings, handstitching and bias binding...for sleepwear.  It came out OK - except, silly old me didn't notice the fabric had two sides until I was almost finished.  There was quite lot of staystitching as well.  Basically, I am willing to put that kind of effort in for a dress, but not really for something that aren't going to be seen much.  It came out very wide, even though I stuck to the seam allowances.  It's a very full baby doll look, but I found it so wide that it was more like a Mama Cass mumu look.

I don't think I will be keeping this one.  Loving the pic on the front though - that chick in her blue spot PJs with white heels - fab!


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