Mini packing party: Summer clothes

September 3rd - Day 26

And handmade dress, sunnies, handmade hat, Moroccan bag and red sandals.

September 4th - Day 27

It was marginally cooler today, so I made the fatal error of wearing jeans, which I had to peeeeel off when I got home.  Ew.  Fave jeans, green leather belt, slouchy brown sandals, sunnies, Moroccan bag, birthday earrings and white top with black singlet underneath.

September 5th - Day 28

Super simple today - I didn't even take a bag....well, except for my Envirosax (oh Envirosax, I love you).  My handmade dress, which has now been sent to the wash, my raincoat and a pair of sandals.

September 6th - Day 29

Swimming day again, so something easy to get on and off.  Lovely soft green dress, swimming bag, cozzie, slouchy sandals, sunnies, black singlet.  Not sure about this dress for the Toke.  It might come back to Sydney and be a beachy summer dress - something to wear for walks to the beach and so on.


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