Mini packing party: Summer clothes

Autumn is definitely in the air in the mornings and evenings now.  Hooorah.  Given that, it is almost time to finish the summer packing party and move on to the autumn clothes packing party.  I think I will begin on September 23rd, which is the autumn public holiday in Japan.  But for now, the end of summer....

September 15th - Day 38

Sad old sandals - oh, but I love them, cream broderie top with black (grey on pic) singlet, sunnies, Morrocan bag, studded belt, fave jeans and porcelain pendant (another of my friend's awesome choices).

September 16th - Day 39

A typhoon lashing poor old Tokyo, so we are inside today.  Handmade upcycled dress.

September 17th - Day 40

Oh I love you and welcome you. I can feel you in the morning air.   Fave jeans, studded belt (this belt was not cheap, but I wear it ALL the time), black singlet, white top, name necklace, sunnies, Moroccan bag, crusty old sandals and handmade hat.

September 18th - Day 41

Another swimming lesson today.  Paris fleamarket skirt, swimming cozzie, swimming bag, yellow linen tshirt with singlet underneath, sunnies and red sandals.


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