Mini packing party: summer clothes

Still hot...

September 11 - Day 34

Off on a little mini holiday - fave jeans and belt, white linen tshirt, tasseled scarf, homemade hat, teeny tiny pear earrings, little birdy necklace from flea market, leather arm bands, red sandals, sunnies and Moroccan bag.

September 12 - Day 35

Sightseeing in culottes, sleeveless top with singlet underneath, homemade hat, Moroccan bag, sunnies, sandals and teeny pear earrings.

September 13 - Day 36

And more sightseeing in fave jeans and belt, red sandals, sunnies, homemade hat, my super awesome white loose top with singlet underneath, tiny pear earrings and Moroccan bag.

September 14 - Day 37

Back home in humid Tokyo.  White singlet with Metallicus singlet underneath, Paris flea market skirt, sunnies, Moroccan bag and red sandals.  So tonal with my bike.


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