Mini packing party: Summer clothes

A month has already past, and my wardrobe is looking satisfyingly empty, and I still manage to get dressed every morning in a reasonable fashion.  The weather is still warm, so I am going to continue on the summer clothing for the time being.  In fact, I think I will just have this whole scheme on rotation all the time....who knows?  I am loving it.

September 7th - Day 30

Autumn...I can feel you just creeping into the air ever so slightly.  Woohooo.  Red mini-dress/tunic, black leggings, slouchy sandals, Moroccan bag, sunnies and silver bracelet with BIG "E" charm.

September 8th - Day 31

A grey, rainy day spent cutting out things to sew, working on perfecting my crane origami and watching The Sound of Music.  Upcycled handmade dress.

September 9th - Day 32

Monday is always errand day so simple and comfortable is best.  Handmade dress, black singlet, handmade hat (apple side out), Moroccan bag, sunnies and red sandals.

September 10th - Day 33

Same again.  But hey - I mixed it up with my clogs.  Handmade blue dress, Moroccan bag, sunnies, red clogs, handmade hat and black singlet.


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