Mini packing party: Summer clothes

August 30th - Day 22

Another stinking hot day and Little Miss O and I had not motivation or reason to leave the house.  Cue little upcycled linen sundress.  Cool and comfy.

August 31st - Day 23

More hot weather and more hermit-like behaviour.  I am hoping that it will soon pass and we can actually go out and do stuff.  No point taking a two year old out in 37 degree heat and 80% humidity unless you absolutely have to.  Little handmade shorts and Uniqlo singlet top.

September 1st - Day 24

And yet another scorcher.  However, I dragged the fam out for breakfast this morning.  To combat the heat, I kept it as simple as possible.  Cotton handmade dress, black singlet, sandals, sunnies and Moroccan bag.  And sunblock.

September 2nd - Day 25

Tornadoes today in Japan - but not here, thank goodness.  Handmade dress - made in the best fabric EVER, handmade hat - spotty side out (but it blew off on the bike), red sandals, sunnies and Moroccan bag.


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