Mini packing party: kitchen utensils

In July, I started a mini packing party for my kitchen utensils, clearing out the two pots of them I had and putting them all into a bag.  As I needed to use something, I got it out of the bag and then it got put back into the utensil pot.

Here's what didn't make the cut.  A sieve, a small ladle, tongs, a sushi mat, a thermometer, salad servers, a corkscrew, a pasta measurer and a jar opener.  To be honest, I put the ladle, jar opener, sushi mat and thermometer back in with the others in the pot as I feel that they may get some use soon, but they are marked items, so if within another month they haven't been used, then they are out of here.  

Now for the next mini packing party....


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