Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

September 27th - Day 5

Back up jeans (not so fave) with studded belt, red pointy flats, embroidered top with black singlet underneath, yellow satchel and sunnies and in the evening:

"Evening" jeans, studded belt, white lace top, neon green scarf, silver E bracelet, big green earrings, swirly delicious shoes and black chunky bag

September 28th - Day 6

Dress with Venetian print with black singlet underneath, black leggings, spotted Converse, sunnies, navy beret and yellow satchel

September 29th - Day 7

Jeans, cream embroidered top (with grey singlet underneath), slouchy old grey Converse, yellow satchel, sunnies and studded belt.

September 30th - Day 8

And the same again.  I am really not loving my "other" jeans - they are Nudie jeans and have faded SO fast.  I love a really dark indigo wash.  Bum.  That's three times I have worn that shirt....see - the beauty of autumn is that you sweat less and therefore - can also wash less.  Hoooorah.


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