Mini packing party: Autumn clothes

Woohooo!  Autumn!

September 23rd - Day 1

Time to chill with the fam.  Handmade upcycled dress.

September 24th - Day 2

Play clothes.  Stripey Breton-style top, fave jeans and studded belt, sunnies, yellow satchel and red tartan Converse.

September 25th - Day 3

Fave jeans, turquoise knit beret, turquoise and gold scarf, turquoise flats, silver chunky ring, cream top with gold embroidered detail and black singlet underneath with yellow satchel.  

September 26th - Day 4

Fave jeans with studded belt, stripey long-sleeved top, studded Converse (hand-studded by moi), Moroccan bag and bluebird of happiness I have had since childhood.  Basically, I think we will be seeing an Autumn uniform of stripey tops, Converse and jeans.  


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