Making it instead of buying it meets pattern review: Vintage McCall's 5818

I have busted out this pattern many a time for the PJ pants - for my niece, nephew, the lovely Mr O, the lovely Mr O senior, flannel PJs for me, cotton PJs for me.....It's a great pattern for the PJ pants.  They are somewhat 70s in style with a bit of a flare on them, but that doesn't bother me.  The pattern also conveniently is unisex with a fly option for the boys.   The fly is a bit complicated to begin with, so it is really important to read the instructions.  They do tend to come out a bit wide and long, so the hem should be checked. I rate this pattern.

Here's a pair I made for my mum.  Instead of buying her birthday present this year, I decided to make it.

I decided to tackle the robe to go with them.  Actually, the robe is pretty easy.  The sleeves are sewn in before the underarm seam, so there is no tricky sleeve setting.  There are only three main pieces plus the sleeves, so not much to fuss with.  The tie belt is also simple to make.  The only thing I found difficult (besides my choice of waffle fabric which meant I had to bind all the seams...agggggh)..well, not difficult, but fiddly, was the front band of the robe, which I ended up handsewing on the inside.  It came out quite large too, but that might have been a combo of the pattern and the slight stretch in the waffle fabric.

Oh - and the pockets.  I had a bit of difficulty getting them straight.  Again, I think was the waffle fabric and the fact that I was sewing with two different types of fabric as well.  It all turned out in the end though, so I would definitely recommend this pattern.  Lots of fun to be had mixing up bands and ties and pockets and so on to give different looks.  Popping this one back into the collection.

Plus the moustachioed dudes on the pattern sleeve are AWESOME.


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