Bucket hat

Sadly, I mislaid my fave summer hat - a neutral coloured Muji flaaaaat caaaaap the other day (that's two hats and a pair of sunnies this summer..man) and so I really needed a replacement.  I toyed with the idea of buying another similar one, but then I decided that I should get off my lazy bum and make one myself.

The lovely Mr O took Little Miss O out this morning after we had brekky at our fave cafe, so I had time to sit down and whip up a bucket hat.  I used this pattern but note that although for the sides and the brim it says cut one, it should be cut two.  I used some fabric that I bought an age ago (still enough left for a cute bodice or skirt trim for the little one) and lined it with some navy with white spot.

I used the large size, which, to tell the truth came out a bit toooo large, and I look a bit like a mushroom head.  No worries - I will get used to it and it will protect me from the sun regardless.  Please excuse sweaty little face - it's about 33 degrees in my sewing room.  Agggh.


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