The next decade

In less than a week, I will be turning the big 4-0.  I KNOW readers, I KNOW.  How can it be?  I still feel about 22 at the most.   Where did all that time go?  Even 30 feels like - well, not yesterday, but I remember waking up on a row of chairs at Tahiti Papeete airport en route from Easter Island to Sydney on my thirtieth birthday having slept the night on aforementioned chairs, freshening up in the bathroom and taking a plane to New Zealand where my dad - my travelling companion - treated me to sushi and carrot cake and a tuna sandwich (it had been a long time between meals) at an airport restaurant.  It was not that long ago (although that was a VERY long sentence.)  Ten years?  Man.

So - in my twenties, my main aims seemed to be; snog as many cute boys as possible; date as many cute boys as possible; travel as much as possible; go out as much as possible; have as many dramas as possible; dance as much as possible; buy as many clothes and shoes as possible and be as blonde and as skinny as possible.

In my thirties, I was obviously more mature; snog as many cute boys as possible, date as many cute boys as possible; travel as much as possible, drink as many martinis as possible, go to as many restaurants as possible; work as little as possible; live in as many countries as possible and save the planet as much as possible.

And now my forties begin.  Wah.  Yes, yes - just a number, but still - time for some thought as to what the next decade should hold...goodness knows I never gave it much thought before.  Errr..except for the plans to snog as many cute boys as possible.  Ha.  Now, I just snog one cute boy as much as possible.  Ew.  And it struck me that the main things that I want by the end of this decade are to be in fantastic mental and physical health, close to family and friends, living a sustainable existence, raising a fantastic world citizen, debt-free and well-travelled.  Hm - those last two don't quite go hand in hand, do they? A few martinis wouldn't go astray either.

And thus, that's where I am headed, lovely readers, and I hope that you join me as I go.

P.S - and if you would like to celebrate the big day with me - why not donate to my fave charity - Plan - Because I am a girl.  xx


  1. Happy Birthday for next week fellow Virgo, I'm not far behind you, wah! Funny isn't is how much we change but don't realise it. I chatted to a friend the other day we were saying how we still feel like we are 20, but then when we are surrounded by 20yr olds, realise how different we are! Enjoy your special birthday

    1. Haha - so true. SO very true. Thank you and a happy birthday to you for when it comes. Nothing like a Virgo, hey?


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