Supermarket forget-me-not pot

I am a forgetful person - guaranteed I will walk out of the house with at least one item that I need missing from my bag.  If not that, then I will spend ages scrabbling around the house looking for what I need.  That used to happen with my keys, until I popped them in a little silver toucan ashtray next to the front door, and now, I never ever, ever have that little pain in the butt issue.

Recently, I thought that this could be extended to other things that I have a tendency to forget, and so I created the supermarket forget-me-not pot.  It's pretty basic - eco bags, handmade bread bag, a tupperware container for fish and an old egg carton to be re-filled.  However, so far, it has served me well, and I don't ever end up at the shops without my basic plastic-saving kit.

My vision is to extend the forget me not pots to the whole family, so we each have one at the front door with our life essentials as well as other stuff such as letters that need to be posted and so on.  Watch this space.

As for the kit itself, well, it's not perfect, and as I mentioned, basic, but it cuts down on some plastic/one-use items, and that is a step in the right direction for sure.

What do you always forget to take with you?


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