Five minute eco: Sparkling white

In this household, there are a lot of whites - white towels, white handtowels, white undies and my current obsession with crisp white tops in summer.  All this lends itself to a lot of staining and yellowing/greying and so on.  Therefore, I am trying to find more eco friendly ways to get my whites white.

Yesterday, I tried a wash with 1/2 cup bicarb soda alongside my current Seventh Generation laundry detergent, which worked pretty well.  Nothing was particularly badly stained, except for some soy sauce on Little Miss O's singlet, which I treated with Ecover stain remover.  Of course, as usual, I popped them out in the sun to dry.  The sun is a fantastic stain remover.  I remember when Little Miss O was tidy, I put a badly stained nappy out, thinking that I would probably have to get rid of it in the end and it came back in completely white.  Delight!

For those in Japan, you can get bicarb soda at Daiso - about 200g for 105yen.  Or, if like me, you are a big user, you can find 25kg bulk bags on Rakuten Japan for around 3500yen on sale.  Definitely my next purchase when I run out again.


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