Samsara Project: Dress to shirt which things pass through states of existence...

I bought this dress to wear to a wedding when I had quit my job, spent a year basically travelling and was flat broke.  Hm - am I always flat broke?  Anyway, it was fine for the day, but it's always been a bit of a no-goer.  The fabric just sort of peters out a bit and doesn't look that great as a dress.  However, I love leopard print and as my last leopard shirt had to go because it was too short in the body, I decided to trim this a bit to make a long shirt.

OK - it doesn't look that crash hot hanging up there, but try and visualise it with skinny indigo jeans, some excellent slouchy suede boots or sandals, a leather cuff and a beret.  It's gone into the packing box, so it still has to pass the acid wardrobe test, but at least now, it has a fighting chance.

Ticked off another project from the project box.  Hooorah!


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