Samsara Project: Old bag to new purses/wallets which things pass through states of existence...

There are a lot of these at the moment as I am ploughing through my project box, trying to get things done and out of the way.

I bought this AWESOME bag in Oaxaca many moons ago (eleven years...wah, how can that be?), but I just wasn't really using it much.  It was very small and had no closing at the top for security, and it also had a hole in it.  However, I love so many things Mexican (weeps for a moment at the thought of the fabulous ring I lost on the plane from Mexico to China?  Bali? the US?  Australia?  can't remember...this big daddy cowboy ring from Taxco...anyway...) that I really wanted to find a way to reuse it.

Et voila...

Cute little purses.  One for me and one for a friend which I shall send in a little care package full of yummy things.  Mine shall become my wallet once my current one gives out.  I lined them in a slightly bizarre fashion, but works.


  1. Nice recycling project! Good idea for a pressie too


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