Samsara project: Baby clothes and old PJs to sanitary towels which things pass through states of existence...

Wooohooo!  Periods!  What a barrel of laughs they are.  Hm.  Not.  Anyway - I have been using cloth napkins at home for quite a while now.  On the plus side, they are comfortable and eco-friendly, but on the downside, they are a bit messy, and you have to wait for them to be washed and dry on the line.  Therefore, a decent stash is necessary.  I had some cloths of Little Miss O's that I had made of old baby clothes that we had received that were not really useful and a pair of old PJs, so I decided to whip some up myself.  

I based them pattern on ones I already had - from a shop on Etsy and I sandwiched four stretch cotton layers between a top and bottom layer of flannel with wings and a press stud to hold them on.  My overlocker and I have long been estranged, so I just used the faux overlocking stitch on the regular machine (must go to counselling with my overlocker - I do want our relationship to improve).  They came out a bit floppier than the ones I bought, but seem to be fairly comfortable and absorbent.  Let's just hope they wash well too.

You could just use old tshirts (clean ones!) for the filling, which is basically what the baby clothes were before they became cloths and then...sanitary towels.

And now to eat some chocolate.


  1. You won't be needing those for a while, lucky thing! :) I'm going to try a few more inside layers next time.


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