Samsara project: cereal packets and ephemera into cards which things pass through states of existence...

Snail mail is not carbon-friendly, but I am inordinately fond of it, and thus, tend to indulge myself a little on this aspect.

In order to make up for my carbon sins, I try to make all my own cards, postcards, notelets and so on using bits of cardboard salvaged from packaging and ephemera collected from all over the place - vintage cards from my mum, old photos found at a temple market, old calendars, old cards, cute Japanese packaging from gifts I have received or from food, old books salvaged from the recycling room, used envelopes, giftwrap - all the bits and pieces that come my way desperate to be re-used.

Recently, I have been trying to sew the images on rather than glueing them all.  Glue happens, but not at the rate it used to.  Yeah - I know - sewing takes electricity and thread, the wear and tear on the machine, the operator's carbon emissions...but isn't glue worse?  Can someone run an environmental study on that for me, please?

Here are some I prepared earlier....

Do you still send letters and cards?


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