Samsara project: old tshirt to bib which things pass through states of existence...

So - I mentioned in my last samsara post, that I was going to use the back of Little Miss O's sweatshirt for another project.  And so I did - I used it to back a bib for my new cousin thrice removed and second and twelve times removed....or something.

I used the back of the sweatshirt to give it a little softness and abosrbency, some cute vintage fabric for the front and tried out a bit of cross stitch.  Yesterday was Saturday, and I really did not fancy going to the shops, but I really wanted to finish the bib, so I just used up whatever bias binding I had at home.  A little odd, but still cute, no?

I am really getting into the idea of using what I have rather than going out to buy new supplies.

AND - even more exciting - there is still some fabric left.  Hm...what cunning upcycle ahead?


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