Resolving to make more and buy less

As I have mentioned before, I am not so much into gift-receiving these days, and I do feel somewhat...daunted...sometimes by gift-giving as well for a number of reasons, as mentioned in previous posts.

However, although that works for me, I don't necessarily believe in always shoving that ideal down people's throats, and if a divine inspiration for a little care package or gift occurs to me, I often act on it -  especially for kids as a little parcel in the mail is such a thrill for someone small.

These days, because I want to "be the change," if I am going to do it, I try to keep it handmade, creative or consumable so as 1) not to buy into the whole consumerist mindset, 2) to inspire others to create or 3) not to create excess clutter.

Here's something I made the other day for my friend's daughter for her 8th birthday.  It's just something small, but it's going to arrive by post especially addressed to her, and she was so sweet with Little Miss O when we came to visit her family, I really want to show my appreciation.  I really hope she receives a great....thrill from it.

I got Little Miss O in on the act - she helped with the card, but she did have severe pompom envy.

N.B.  I am not perfect, and I do find it difficult to resist when faced with some incredibly gorgeous children's toys and sometimes, I am just plain lazy and making something seems too damn hard. I am working on it, though.


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