Parenting challenge

As you can see above, yesterday, we made a "fort" in our living room. Hm - more like a tent really - I was going for a glamping feel.  Obviously, I need to work on my cubby building skills. AND involve Mr O - he told me that as a child, he never built a cubby inside.

Anyway, Little Miss O loved it and we had afternoon tea in there (a frothy milk and ricecakes with Vegemite), lay down and had a little rest and then she read stories to her toys.  Result.

Today, we are doing number 22 from Leo's list - Garden together.

What's your favourite outdoor activity to do with your child/ren?


  1. Loving the fort! My favourite outdoor activity is definitely building castles with moats with sand at the beach - seasonal dependent living in Melbourne though

    1. Ha! Thank you - the next day, I made a few improvements and it was even better. Sandcastles ARE great - can't wait for summer in Sydney for that.


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