Mini packing party: Summer clothes

August 26th - Day 18

This is fun - the heroes of my wardrobe are really beginning to stand out, aren't they?  AND - I seem to be relatively well dressed every day.  Today - a yellow linen t-shirt with Metallicus singlet underneath, culottes, red sandals, Moroccan bag and sunnies.  I love yellow.

August 27th - Day 19

Yep - exactly the same as yesterday, but with a different Metallicus singlet underneath.  And it still doesn't smell bad, so I will probably whip this outfit out again before the week is over.

August 28th - Day 20

Daytime: Those culottes AGAIN - it's all about the bike, really.  When I wear a dress or a skirt, they have a tendency to ride up or blow up in the breeze making them a bit...ooh la la...revealing.  A white top that I have had for yonks with a Metallicus singlet underneath, sunnies, red sandals, Moroccan bag and AWESOME earrings that I got for my birthday from my fab friend who always gives me the best jewellery.


Awesome white lace top from Paris, my "best" jeans, birthday earrings, Metallicus top underneath, patent sandals and a fab bag I got from Shanghai Tang back in the good ole China days.

August 29th - Day 21

Feeling all my 40 years today, so I am keeping it simple.  Handmade blue dress with Metallicus singlet underneath, red sandals, Moroccan bag and very important sunglasses.


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