Mini packing party: Summer clothes

August 21st - Day 13

Marginally cooler today, so I could actually wear something perhaps a little too fitted, these trousers creaked when I was cycling.  Ha.  Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo pants, oversized tunic I bought in Italy with an ubiquitous Metallicus singlet underneath, super cool sandals that are on their last legs, my Moroccan bag, sunnies and then a cute bottle necklace (a gift again from my fab friend who really does supply me with wonderful jewellery) and little black Bambi earrings.

August 22nd - Day 14

Same outfit as yesterday but with a different Metallicus singlet underneath (did I mention how much I love these?  They ain't cheap but they go on forever.), sunnies, my old fave sandals, a cute Anne Black bracelet and a bag that I made for about one dollar with some thrifted souvenir aprons.  I fixed up the handles today - much better now.  Another project out of the box.  YAY!

August 23rd - Day 15

Swimming lesson with Little Miss O today, so keeping it simple with culottes, a pretty sleeveless shirt (with Metallicus singlet underneath), my navy cozzie, swimming bag, sunnies and slouchy brown sandals.  Accessories included a red bike and a two year old.

August 24th - Day 16

Same outfit as yesterday but with a clean singlet underneath and different accessories - my Moroccan bag, red sandals and kimono fabric earrings (the latter chosen by Little Miss O).

August 25th - Day 17

Another lounge-y Sunday - I know - get out more, woman!  Handmade shorts and cute Uniqlo singlet.


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