Mini packing party: Summer clothes

August 17th - Day 9

Awesome vintage Mexican dress, sparkly sandals, turquoise bracelets from Mexico, bracelet that was a birthday gift a few years back from my oldest friend (who always gives me beautiful jewellery!), silver earrings, sunnies and my trusty bag.

August 18th - Day 10

Lazy day at home in homemade shorts and cute singlet.

August 19th - Day 11

Sunnies, cute silver pear earrings, fave brown sandals, green silk top and Metallicus singlet and Paris fleamarket skirt (leftover from Friday) and funky basket bag that I got at the fleamarket ages ago for 150 yen.  Woohoo.

August 20th - Day 12

Little Miss O slept in today (by sleeping in, I mean she woke up at 7.20am instead of 5am) and didn't want to go to playgroup, so the day had a kind of chilled vibe to it of yoga, bread making, gardening, making train tracks for Thomas....and so on.  Cue comfy and cool little sundress that I upcycled from fabric from another sundress using a pattern from Pip Lincolne's "Sew La Tea Do" book.


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