Mini packing party: Summer clothes

And now a few more days of outfits.

August 13th - Day 5

I wore the same as yesterday (ewww - but clean undies!) except the grey Metallicus singlet in the main pic was replaced with the black one on the left.

August 14th - Day 6

A long wrap skirt bought at a fleamarket in Italy for five euro, a bracelet my dad brought back from Mexico for my mum in 1977, my Tiffany chain with its tangle of pendants (which needs updating/rotating, actually), trusty bag and fave coral sandals, a white singlet with a grey Metallicus (seriously - the legends in my wardrobe) singlet underneath, sunnies and my flat caaaaaaap (which I seem to have lost.  Weep).

August 15th - Day 7

Culottes, cream broderie singlet (grey top swapped for white Metallicus one), brown leather bag, sunnies and some yellow sandals.  You will be perhaps relieved to know that this ensemble is now going in the washing machine.  I am a big believer in hanging things out to air after wearing them if I didn't get too dirty or sweaty or didn't wear them for too long and then wearing them again.  Saves on washing, saves on wear and tear on the clothes.

August 16th - Day 8

Hot again.  Basically, I would rather just be nude, but hey.  French skirt, green silk top with black Metallicus singlet underneath, plain black cozzie, sunnies, swimming bag and green sandals.


  1. How cute are these outfit posts, your french skirt is lovely

  2. Thank you, sweetheart. It really is rather the swishiest, twirliest skirt....but a bit risque when cycling in a breeze. Woohooo. xx


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